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Packaging Equipment


Automatic FFS packer-baler for fibrous materials

Capacity: 4-6 pack/min

Dosing method: by weight, adjustable form main screen

Control: touch screen, multicolor panel, multilingual menu

Main compressing and outfeeding unit: hydraulic

Sealing unit longitudinal: pneumaticaly actuated

Sealing and cutting unit cross sectional: including gusseted bend

The package formed fixed dimensions: 400×300×800 mm

Weight of the package: 14 kg adjustable and depending on product properties

Minimum space required: 10 m

Minimum width required: 2,25 m

Minimum height required: 4,05 m

Electrical power required: 400V, 18 kW, 50 A

Compressed air required: 8 bar

Sertificates, region of origin:  Lithuania (European Union)

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