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Processing Equipment


Hashbrown patties forming line

Purpose: the automatic line is designed for efficient and accurate forming of hashbrown patties, pancakes or other semi-finished products from potatoes or other mass and covering them with crumbs. The line covers the product with a crumb dip and forms a semi-finished product of the desired shape. With the help of a quick-change die, the line can produce products of various desired shapes and sizes.

Suitable: to work with soft potato or rice dough, for forming hashbrown patties, dumplings and other products of different flat shapes. Available die surface size 400×350 mm (16×14 in) for different single or double product punching per stroke.

Features: compact line, quick die change tool free, unlimited number of stored programs, various die configurations are available such as circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, star, etc., easy access for cleaning and servicing, connection ready for automatic unloading.

Control: touch screen, multicolor panel, multilingual menu.

Compressed air supply: 6 bar (90 psi)

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