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semi-automatic packaging machine for bulk products

Purpose: semi-automatic dosing-packing machine for nuts, seeds, sweets, confectionery, fertilizers, grains, coffee and other dry bulk products into pre-made packages (Doy-pack, block-bottom, gusset and others)

Best choise for small production needs!


  • The dosing range - from 50gr. up to 2000gr.

  • Continuous thermo-sealing device with adjustable speed and temperature

  • Capacity up 10pack./min. (depending on product and operator pace)

  • Control - color touch screen, multilingual menu

  • Supply voltage - 220V; 50Hz, 1kW

  • CE – certified, made in Lithuania (european union)


Additional options:

  • Fully stainless steel finish (model SS)

  • Parts in contact with the product are made of corrugated stainless steel with lower coefficient of friction and stickiness (model SS)

  • Additional ramp for easier loading of the product into the hopper

  • Coding unit for best before date stamp on the package

Automize product packaging right away!

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