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Weighing bagging system PUDAS – 60

The system PUDAS-60 is designated for the packing-bagging by weight of bulk products. The system contains of:

• 5m screw conveyor with stand, hopper and transfer wheels;
• Weigher with a package-bag holding unit.

Operation: the product is fed into the hopper further from the hopper screw conveyor transfers the product into weigher. Once the relevant weight is reached the screw conveyor switches off. When the signal light turns green, the product is weighed and it can be discarded. A worker places a bag on the funnel and press the button which opens valve, the product discharges into a bag. After that valve closes and the process is repeated again. Touch screen panel can determine the weight, count the bags weighed and total tonnage.
Fields of application and technical data: system can weight and dose dry bulk products into paper, polyprophylen bags or other type of packaging. Suitable for weighing-packaging of cereals, beans, seeds, nuts, pellets, dry feed and other dry bulk products. System capacity 5-15tons/h. The weighing unit weighs between 5 and 50 kg. Accuracy ± 1%.

System is designed and produced by company Tiulmaksa JSC and can be adjusted and modified according product, specifications and customer needs.

PUDAS-60 bagging
weighing packaging machine
PUDAS-60 control
big bag discharging
bulk product filling into bags line
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