Bulk product packaging-bagging line into premade bags PUDAS – 50

dedicated for crush sensitive products


The system PUDAS-50 is designated for the packing-bagging by weight of bulk products. The system contains of:

Capacity: up to 5000kg/hour

Operated product: pellets, grains, cereals, seeds, litter and other free-flowing dry solid products.

Big-bag discharge station capacity: Big-bags up to 1500kg weight

Packaging materials: premade paper, PP, PET or other type bags with size from 350x500 up to 800x1200mm.

Weighing dosing range: 6 to 60kg/package

Accuracy: ±1%

Bag sealing type: Continous thermo-sealer and/or sewing unit

Interface: Colour Touch-screen 7“ (Delta HMI), multilingual

Power: 380V, 2,4kW

Compressed air supply: 50ltr/min, 8bar

Assembled line dimensions: 9000x2000x3000

Weight: 1500kg

Shipping dimensions: 4000x2000x2000 (x2)

Sertificates, region of origin: CE certified, produced in Lithuania (European Union)

FDA certificates for materials in contact with food products

System is designed and produced by the company Tiulmaksa JSC and can be adjusted and modified according product, specifications and customer needs.

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PUDAS-50 packaging
pudas-50 bagging
Pudas-50 HMI
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