We design, manufacture and install equipment according to the specific needs of our customers, We  implement both, small needs technical enhancement integrations, as well as large scale Turn Key projects based on customer owned and/or desired technologies from concept to equipment launch.

Automatic positioning system DSAF-2100

  • For bread dough loaves finishing, conveing and positioning on proofing trolley shelves

  • Capacity up to 2100pcs./hour

  • Integrated surface moisturiser and topper

  • Able to work with loaves of various shapes and dimensions

  • Programmable layout 

  • Visual process control via Touch screen panel

Conveying system in the bakery 2FL-BRD

  • Transfer of product from two production lines to two packaging lines

  • The line is designed to route product flows parallel to packers, either way to "cross" or to direct both flows to a single packer

  • Adjustable speeds of each conveyor

  • Visual process control via Touch screen panel

Hopper wagon discharging and big-bag filling system TTS-150

  • Capacity up to 150tons/hour.

  • Two big-bag filling stations and bypass directly to truck (lorry).

  • Stainless steel screw discharger, hoppers and fillers, dedicated for work with aggressive materials e.g. salt, c
    carbamides’, fertilizers and ect.

  • Bag blow before filling.  

  • Dust extractor.

  • Filled big-bag out-feed conveyors.

  • Visual process control via Touch screen panel