Tiulmaksa is manufacturing conventional conveying and packaging equipment as well as customized, individual and complex solutions. Machine designers are taking into account the needs of the client, we appraise our solutions from the user point of view, in order to facilitate, improve day-to-day operation and to be safe to use. We manufacture for maximum quality and reliability.

Tiulmax | equipment manufacture


Conveyors and handling systems

We design and manufacture various types of conveyors and automated handling  systems.

Ritininiai konvejeriai

Roller/gravity conveyors

Widely used for transportation in logistics and production of monolithic, large and heavy items.

Juostiniai transporteriai

Belt conveyors

Universal-type conveyors used in all industries.

Modulinės juostos konvejeriai

Modular belt conveyors

Conveyors having large choice of variations and options in complex conveying solutions.

Kampiniai konvejeriai

Curved conveyors

Designated for stable transport of the product by changing the flow direction, but without changing the product position.

Elevatoriniai konvejeriai

Еlevating conveyors

Designated for bulk products transportation in the vertical direction.

Kiti transporteriai

Other conveyors

Special-purpose conveyors are designed according to customer needs and technical requirements.

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